Employee handbooks are usually a vital part of the induction process.

Employee induction processes are a hugely important period for both the employer and the new member of staff. As well as learning about the role and the rules, this is the time when new recruits are able to orient themselves to the culture of the organization.

So why are employee handbooks usually so bad at communicating the organizational culture and answering all the questions of the new employees? We found a new and different approach, proving that you can communicate serious matters in an innovative way!

A New Handbook Sets a New Standard

Tech solutions firm Metal Toad recently featured in Entrepreneur magazine because of the novel approach it took to its employee handbook.

COO Tim Winner decided to combine essential organizational knowledge into a “richer, more useful artefact that people would actually read”.

As well as answering practical questions like “why do the restrooms have party lights?” and eruditely communicating the company culture, Tim believed that creating a single document would help to preserve the unique culture of the company.

Inspired by Lord of the Rings

Tim knew that he wanted to make something special, and this was pulled together into a small, leather-bound journal that captured all the cultural quirks that make the company what it is, which the company named “Toad Lore”.

Toad Lore was inspired by Lord of the Rings – and Tim recommends that organizations should work out what inspiration resonates for them and run with it; the more creative and bold, the better!

It’s also important not to overthink it, says Tim.

“Write down all the things that pop in your head when you ask yourselves the question, ‘what is our culture?’… delegate these points and get writing – it’s that simple.”

Original article: www.entrepreneur.com