Christmas is just around the corner, and if you still haven’t yet ticked off everyone on your gift list, we propose some ideas for a perfect Christmas present.


Forget naff novelty hobby-themed gifts! Show them how much you appreciate their passions with something a little classier instead.

These Moleskine notebooks have special sections to organize their thoughts. Choose from 17 themes, including art, music, baby or gardening. Each has sections to organize thoughts, for example, in “music” you can jot down lyrics and playlists. In “Baby “includes special moments and feeding records. A beautiful way to keep a record of what’s important.

If you know someone who just loves the feeling of putting pen and paper, but wants to be able to access their jottings wherever they are, how about this, the ultimate augmented paper gift?

Combining a beautiful Mont Blanc pen, classic notebook and advanced digital technology, this will drag their inky scratchings into the digital age.


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a planner or two. Whether your tastes run to classics like Rupert
new favorites like Peppa Pig or Star Wars this is the classic Christmas stocking filler.
But before you buy the planner, check here a few tips on how to chose the perfect planner!


For readers who prefer something a little more cerebral, how about taking some inspiration from this year’s Booker Prize shortlist?
Giving a book is always a thoughtful gift. Checking out this year’s bestsellers lists can be a great source of inspiration.
But if you want something a little special for someone who has a favorite title or author they simply love, browse the Folio Society’s beautifully crafted hardback versions of classic publications. From Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species to the poetry of Emily Dickinson and HP Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu, these beautifully bound books are a real treat.


Bullet Journaling is the latest craze for organizing your life – if you haven’t heard of it yet, it was created by Brooklyn-based digital product designer Ryder Carroll.
An “analog solution for the digital age,” bullet journaling promises to improve your productivity. For anyone who loves staying organized, introducing them to this approach is a great gift. You can buy them on Carroll’s site:
But since all you need to get organized is an empty notebook and a pen, you could choose any planner and pair it up with some instructions on how to bullet journal.