It seems that the big trend will be omnichannel campaigns that straddle the digital and analogue divide.

Toronto-based omnichannel agency St. Joseph Communications has picked out some of the best cross-channel campaigns that have succeeded in creating truly novel experiences. It commends those campaigns that have brought together “the tactile, sensory nature of print with the real-time technological wonders of digital” to reduce the gap between the two channels.

These are some of The Printing Report’s favourites from St. Joseph Communication’s selection.

Maharashtra Dyslexia Association

A colourful pop-up book called Dancing Letters illustrates common dyslexic reversals and make it easy for readers to distinguish between similar- looking letters, words and symbols.


AirBnB may be a digital business, but it is embracing the power of print – in 2017 launching the new Airbnbmag which invites readers to “unleash their inner explorer”.

Sports Illustrated

This traditional print magazine has successfully married the digital format by using scannable pages that unlock exclusive digital content.


Ikea’s Cook this Paper campaign aims to inspire shoppers to try new adventures in their kitchens using recipes printed onto cooking parchment with food-safe inks.

Columbian Ministry of the Environment

Posters educating fishermen about the poisonous dangers Lionfish present to the Caribbean seas transform into lightweight nets that are strong enough to catch the problem fish. 


A limited edition “party safe” bag of the tortilla chip snacks was released for the Super Bowl which included an alcohol detector on the packaging. If alcohol was detected, the packaging changed to display a “don’t drink and drive” message.
Whether it is digital brands embracing print, or traditional print brands embracing digital or the adoption of new printing techniques and technologies, these campaigns share one powerful common characteristic – the integration between the print and digital worlds.

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