If you thought the moving images that featured in the newspapers and magazine of the wizarding world of Harry Potter were too fantastical to have a place in the muggle world, you are going to need to have a rethink.

A new printer from Lifeprint is bringing a fantastical 15-seconds of moving image to your photos. You can instantly print 3” x 4.5” photos to this nifty little portable device and then, using the Lifeprint App, watch the images come to life in your hands.

Practical, Affordable Magic

Lifeprint launched the first version of its augmented reality printer on Kickstarter back in 2015, but this early version of the printer printed 2” x 3” photos – suitable for slipping into your wallet, but not much else.

It has now launched the 3” x 4.5” printer – making for a much more useful postcard-style printed photo. The Lifeprint printer will work with Apple, Android and GoPro devices. You simply send your videos, Instagram, Saved Snaps or GIFs via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the compact printer and it uses its innovative ZINK zero-ink paper to print your photo onto paper with no development time.

Share Special Moments with your Friends

The printer is designed to be used with the Lifeprint social networking app. Within the app, you can follow friends and family.

This enables you to send real photos to each other’s printers – so your friends and family can be holding a printed photo of you in their hands as simply as if you were sending them a text. They can then view the photo through the app and see the magic happen!

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