On April 20th, Nintendo Switch will launch Labo. Labo promises lots of fun through DIY creations. Make, play and discover different Toy-Con project kits using cardboard.

If you thought Google cardboard was a creative integration of gaming and paper products, you haven’t seen anything yet! On April 20th, 2018, Nintendo will take the cardboard/gaming mash-up to a whole new level.

Nintendo Cardboard

Labo is Nintendo’s DIY kits for the Nintendo Switch system, the Japanese video game company’s family gaming platform.

With Labo, the company seeks to combine the “magic of Nintendo Switch” with the wholesome, creative fun of do-it-yourself construction. There are two kits to choose from: a variety kit and a robot kit. Both are designed to be used with the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con infra-red controllers.

Depending which kits you choose, you can choose to create:

  • A cardboard 13-key piano, designed for a music-making game
  • A cardboard fishing pole, designed for a fishing game
  • A cardboard motorbike, designed for a racing game
  • And so much more…

The Labo kits begin with a piece of cardboard which is designed to be constructed into a game-play element. The kits also include the Joy-Con hardware gaming elements that are designed to be integrated into the cardboard construction before it can be used to play games with the Nintendo Switch console. The game software is also included in the kit.

Get Creative with paper

Nintendo says it wants to encourage kids to “make – play – discover” using the Labo kits as inspiration. The kits encourage kids to get creative and think about the engineering involved with each carboard element.

Nintendo invites users to, “Explore how the mechanics work as you build and play with your Toy-Con creation”. Once constructed, the kits can be customised using felt-pens, paints, glitter, stickers – or whatever else takes your fancy.

The company says: “With Nintendo Labo, building is just as much fun as playing”.

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Find out more about Nintendo Labo kits: labo.nintendo.com