If you’re looking for a fun summer activity why not make this fun paper kite? It’s simple to make and lots of fun. Invite some friends along too and get making – then host your own colourful kite festival in your back garden!

Making a paper kite is the ideal summer craft activity for children – whatever their age.

As well as giving plenty of opportunities to get creative, this fun crafting activity will deliver a wonderful sense of achievement as you see your kite take shape and then take to the skies – where you will enjoy hours of fun afterwards.

What you need:

  • 1 x sheet A4 paper
  • Crayons, felt-tip pens or paints to decorate
  • Nylon string, fishing line or twine
  • Strips of coloured tissue paper (4cm x 20cm)
  • Ruler
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch

How to make your paper kite

Step 1: Decorate your paper with a colourful kite.
Step 2: Fold your paper in half, so the short edges meet.
Step 3: Make two marks 5cm from the each of the edges on both sides of the fold.
Step 4: Fold back one corner of the paper to the mark and staple in place without folding. The paper should curl outwards, creating a lovely furling effect.
Step 5: Do the same on the other side.
Step 6: At the other end of the paper, punch a hole at the 5cm mark, so it goes through both layers of the paper.
Step 7: Cut a length of twine several metres long and tie it securely through the hole you have punched.
Step 8: Decorate the twine along the length closest to your paper kite by folding the tissue paper strips around the string every 10cm or so and then twisting in place.
Your paper kite is now ready to fly!

If you’d like to experiment with different paper kite styles, you can find more instructions elsewhere online.

The Dublin Kite Festival shares details of how to construct a more complex, diamond-shaped paper kite which uses lightweight wooden dowels to create a frame. Find instructions here: www.dublinkitefestival.ie

For a serious kite-making project which is suitable for older children, you can construct a box kite out of paper and wooden dowels.

Find instructions here:boyslife.org

Why not make a collection of different paper kites and host a kite festival in your back garden – or take them to your local park – and see which soars the highest?