Yes, you can upload those gorgeous beach pics to your Instagram account but, this year, why not use them to create a more permanent reminder of your travels?

Create a sticker book

Fab printing company Moo offers you an opportunity to give your vacation snaps a new lease of life as stickers. Their sticker books start with as little as 90 stickers. Moo’s printfinity service enables each sticker to be unique – upload as many as 90 different images.
Prices start at just $9.99 for 90 stickers.

Use your vacation photos as wall art

If stickers seem too small scale for the wonders that are your vacation snaps, take them to the other extreme by turning them into wall art. Forget frames – or even posters.

For maximum effect, use your vacation photos to create custom wallpaper. A unique mural will ensure your vacation is truly unforgettable!

The little book of you

The perfect way to capture some of the best memories from your family vacation is in a photo book. You can go all out creating hardback coffee tables tomes – or why not create a whole collection of miniature masterpieces?

This cost-effective service from photobox allows you to upload 25 images to create a glossy 13.7 x 13.7 cm pocket size memento.

Send your vacation photos as postcards

Why not get your vacation snaps professionally printed as personalised postcards? We love this stylish service from Artifact Uprising. Upload up to 20 images to create a unique book of 20 standard-size postcards.

And the best bit? All printed on recycled paper.

Share with moving images!

Back in March, we brought you news of a new way to share your images online with a fab portable printer and integrated social networking app.

Lifeprint’s compact printers will print 2” x 3” or 3” x 4.5” images on to innovative ZINK zero-ink paper that requires no development time – then use the Lifeprint app to make the image come to life!