September is back to school month and time to buckle down and get serious at work after the empty office feeling of the summer vacation period.

For school-age children, the transition from summer vacation to September’s back to school event is even more dramatic. The Printing Report team reviews tips for easing the transition back to work and school.

How can you get your and your little ones back into the routine of school and work easily after this year’s long, hot summer?

1. Sleep

Getting back into good sleep routines can be one of the hardest transitions. Longer daylight hours and that vacation spirit may have led to some late nights and late mornings.

Not only does back to school require a return to the early starts, but you want to make sure your child is well-rested and in a good place to deal with the inevitable stresses of the return to school.

Good sleep habits improve mood, productivity and brain function . Prepare by getting back into the rhythm of early nights and early starts at least a week before school is due to start.

2. Give them a head start

It’s great if you have the information about the syllabus your child is going to be studying in the coming school year. This way, you can read books together about the topics they’re going to cover and your child will feel more confident approaching the year’s lessons.

Hopefully, you have been continuing your child’s term-time evening reading habits over the summer. If not, start now before your child returns, so they have time to readjust to the routine of homework.

3. Back to school treats

If your little ones aren’t looking forward to the return to school, soften the blow with the back to school treats. This doesn’t have to be expensive: a new pencil case and pencils are an ideal gift.

Or, for pre-schoolers attending school for the first time, how about a picture book that gives them the opportunity to talk about what they can expect from their first day at school?

4. Stock up on supplies in advance

Don’t leave it to the night before to discover you’re missing important items of uniform, sports kit or stationary. If the school gave you a list of what you need, work through it together well in advance so both you and your child know you have everything they need.

5. Talk about their worries

Be aware that it isn’t only pre-schoolers who can have jitters about the September return to school. Make time and space to talk through any anxieties your child might have about school, bullying, work load or other worries.

6. Organise your week

Invest in a weekly planner – ideally that you can pin to the wall so everyone can keep check. This way, it is simple to keep track of after-school activities, clubs, playdates and important deadlines for school projects.

7. Organised mornings

Reduce the stress of the mornings by getting as much as you can organised the night before. Lay out clothes or uniform and make sure bags are packed.

If you’re packing lunches, pack as much as you can of these the night before. You might even want to consider laying out the breakfast table the night before too.

Be aware that the roads are suddenly going to get busier again as school traffic returns to the commute route – so plan your journey and set off early to make sure everyone arrives on time.

A little preparation now can ensure the back to school period is as stress free and enjoyable as it can be for everyone.