The evidence is clear – paper notes have an important role to play for learners of all ages. Printing Report considers why students should arm themselves with a paper notebook and a pen to start the school year successfully.

1. Most people prefer to read on paper

A survey in Business Optimizer found that 73 percent of people questioned prefer to read books in print rather than digital, while 69 percent prefer to read magazines in print. When it comes to look back over your notes for work or revision, you want to be working in your preferred format.

2. Writing things down helps you remember them

Simply recording the lecture without making notes isn’t going to help you remember what was said. Notetaking demands an interaction with the content of the lecture or class that you just don’t get from hitting the record button.

3. When it comes to revision, people remember better when they read on paper

The same Business Optimizer survey found 67 percent of respondents said they gain a deeper understanding when they read from paper rather than a digital device – that has to be good for grades.

4. Too much screen time causes tired eyes and headaches

We spend so much time on digital devices already, so making and re-reading paper notes is a chance to give your eyes a break. This is an issue of real concern: the Business Optimizer survey found 52 percent of respondents said they spend too much time on digital devices and 53 percent admitted to being worried that overuse of such devices could be damaging to their health in terms of eyestrain, sleep deprivation and headaches.

5. The sheer enjoyment of writing with a pen on paper

The “Analog Attorney” writes of the “tactile delight” of writing on paper – to say nothing of the delight of doodling in the margins!

6. Paper notebooks are great for keeping one organised

The success of Bullet Journaling has created a space for notebooks and notetaking as a way to stay focused and organised. This is one use of a pen and paper that can help you to keep track of which papers take priority and stay on top of your task list.

Once you’ve got your notepad and pen, read these tips about how to take great notes.