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An all-natural product, with a history stretching back millennia, and incredible versatility – what’s not to love about paper?  The Printing Report celebrates our love for paper this Valentine’s Day with some amazing paper facts.   Paper is one of the most widely recycled products in the world.  In Europe, the paper recycling rate is […]

Every Valentine’s Day, around 144 million greetings cards are sent to loved ones – just a small proportion of the seven billion greetings cards that are purchased in the USA each year. The greetings cards industry continues to thrive in our digital age.  While it might be thought that digitalisation and the development of e-cards […]

Brighten up Valentine’s Day with The Printing Report’s selection of some of the most fun, creative and romantic paper craft projects for Valentine’s Day. It might be traditional to exchange paper cards on Valentine’s Day but, this year, why not make your own or try one of these other fun paper craft projects instead?   […]

Uncoated paper has special qualities that make it ideal for special printing jobs.  The Printing Report considers what makes it so interesting. Uncoated paper has a special texture and a natural look that makes it a favourite when producing high-end printed materials. Its slightly rougher and more textured feel adds character to the page and […]