An all-natural product, with a history stretching back millennia, and incredible versatility – what’s not to love about paper?  The Printing Report celebrates our love for paper this Valentine’s Day with some amazing paper facts.


  • Paper is one of the most widely recycled products in the world.  In Europe, the paper recycling rate is currently up to 72.5 percent.
  • Two tonnes of European paper are recycled every second!
  • This recycled material goes back into the paper-making industries – helping to develop a “closed loop system”.
  • In fact, the industry is working to “green” other areas of its operation; in particular, its power consumption.  Today, 58 percent of the European pulp and paper industry’s energy consumption comes from renewable biomass.
  • The paper industry is also helping to green our planet.  European Forests have been growing by an area equivalent to 1,500 football pitches every day.
  • This is important, because European forests store almost 80 billion tonnes of carbon in their biomass.
  • Paper has benefits over other information technologies.  Studies have shown that using paper to take notes instead of notetaking on a screen can help to improve concentration and information retention.
  • You don’t need to take notes – even simply doodling on paper can help you to concentrate, studies have shown.
  • Doodling with a pen and paper can also help to relax your mind, and a host of other papercraft projects offer similar benefits.
  • Other studies have found that the simple act of writing in a journal every night and using the opportunity to reflect on your feelings and the day’s events is a good way to look after your mental health.
  • Paper has a fascinating history – stretching back millennia through Arabian scholars to ancient Chinese courtesans.
  • It is also the tool that has shaped our culture – from works of art to great novels.
  • Consumers love the tactility of paper and respond more positively to printed marketing communications than they do to online marketing – so choosing paper also makes good commercial sense too!