Creative Windows

In a small suburb of Toronto in Canada you will find an unusual little landmark. The structure known as The Story Pod is a tiny library which opens its doors to the public during sunlight hours using solar panels on its roof, with solar powered lights coming on at night when The Story Pod closes. […]

Body painting has come a long way in the last decades and even though the artists specializing in this area try to surprise us with ever more endevaouring artworks few have gone as far as Russel Powell, a US first grade school teacher in San Jose, California, who in his spare time has developed a […]

Bookish hotels have come to stay. Or so it seems from the growing number of hotels with some relation to the literature world which have popped up in both sides of the Atlantic. In the US the best known is probably the Library Hotel in downtown New York, a boutique hotel with books in its […]

Spots promoting a successful company by showing its past achievements are not a novelty but RPA, the Santa Monica, California based ad agency of American Honda. It has conceived a two minutes spot which does this in a new brilliant way and which uses paper as its main tool. Launched a few weeks ago during CBS’s NFL games, it […]

From the outside, “The Drinkable Book” looks like a normal hard cover book. It’s about 3 cm thick and has 20 pages. But these pages do a lot more than convey information on sanitation. Each page also serves as a water filter, a valuable tool for preventing waterborne illness in the developing world. The idea […]

It is well known that young kids are not that interested in reading as it used to be and it is also not a secret that disadvantaged kids, brought up in poor income environments and in many cases without one or both of the parents at home, are considerably less prone to be encouraged to […]

Brazil reading habits are still far from those of more developed countries but L&PM Pocket ( Brazil’s largest pocket book publishers) and Agência África, its advertising agency, came up with an innovative campaign to increase book readership among the users of public transportation in general and the underground in particular. In association with the São […]

Normally, books come from trees but one book publisher in Argentina, Pequeño Editor, managed to reverse the process. Together with the local advertising group. FCB Buenos Aires, it created Tree Book Tree, a program that involves making handsome, hand-stitched books from acid-free paper, jacaranda seeds and ecologically friendly ink. Once planted in the ground, they, […]

Every now and then we come across some amazing videos of marriage proposals and since recently there are even companies specializing in creating the “right” environments for such occasions but one young South Korean had a crunch idea for his proposal, and it had a lot to do with paper. It involved sticking thousands of […]