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New research about why printed marketing materials cut through better against the noise of social media and other marketing platforms concentrates on the neuroscience behind an individual’s response. The study used neuroscience research to measure subconscious brain responses using steady state topography. It compared the participants’ responses to three different types of advertising: branded mail, […]

Professor David Frohlich, from the Digital World Research Centre in the UK, is bringing paper to life with a “next generation” paper that connects with the digital devices around it. It sounds like something from Harry Potter. Touching a page of printed paper brings images, sounds and video springing to life on your mobile phone […]

Every Valentine’s Day, around 144 million greetings cards are sent to loved ones – just a small proportion of the seven billion greetings cards that are purchased in the USA each year. The greetings cards industry continues to thrive in our digital age.  While it might be thought that digitalisation and the development of e-cards […]

Far from heralding the end of print photobooks, digital photography and digital printing are enabling a thriving new independent photobook publishing and collecting scene. Willibald Sauerländer was one of the greatest living German speaking and writingart historians. Having witnessed the rise and decline of art book publishing afterthe Second World War, the print runs of […]

The Printing Report gives you our rundown of the important events in the print industry calendar – so you can add them to your 2019 diary. Paperworld The largest office and stationery trade fair in the world. 26 – 29 January 2019, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. International Trade Fair for Processing, Packaging, and Printing 29 […]

Here’s what’s going on book sales world: Printed book sales continue to increase. Meanwhile, e-book sales are falling. The Printing Report takes a look at what this means. 2017 data released by NDP BookScan show a 1.9% increase in print book sales last year. The NDP data captures around 80% – 85% of global print […]

With the world’s eyes focus on the devastating impact that plastic has on our oceans, paper is once more reasserting itself as a valid packaging medium. The recent UK BBC TV series Blue Planet revealed shocking images of the damage plastic is doing to the world’s oceans. Together with China’s decision to no longer accept […]

Japanese graphic technology firm RMGT is hoping that what happens in Vegas isn’t going to stay in Vegas during this year’s Print UV conference. It is using the conference to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of its groundbreaking LED-UV curing technology for offset presses. LED-UV Innovation Leader RMGT is a joint venture between […]

We’ve all been hearing a lot about fake news recently. The rising distrust in the media and, especially, online the news served to us on online networking sites, is a concern to anyone who sees a free press as the essential fourth pillar of democracy. But could the fake news phenomenon actually be good news […]

Instagram has reinvigorated the square photo format. Now electronics manufacturers are leaping to catch up with the trend – enabling you to easily print your favorite Instagram pics at home. Instagram helps subscribers enhance photos taken on their smartphone with filters, stickers and more – before sharing them with friends and subscribers but the photo-sharing […]