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An all-natural product, with a history stretching back millennia, and incredible versatility – what’s not to love about paper?  The Printing Report celebrates our love for paper this Valentine’s Day with some amazing paper facts.   Paper is one of the most widely recycled products in the world.  In Europe, the paper recycling rate is […]

What better way to treat yourself this Veganuary than a beautiful and eco-friendly designer bag? These beautiful Italian creations look and feel like leather but are actually made from paper. Uashmama makes beautiful bags that have the same properties as leather – soft, sturdy and easy to dye – but are actually made from a […]

We review the year’s best and most innovative products and projects in print to celebrate the best innovations in print of 2018. 1# Embedding medical technologies into print advertising Ikea has run some memorably creative print advertising campaigns – notably its paper recipes. This year’s campaign to promote its nursery furniture raised the bar again […]

Paper is such an important element in our lives, that it seems it has been around forever. Well… and that’s about right! The history of paper tells us the story of humanity. So, we’ve highlighted some important moments of this fundamental and lont-term relationship between men, paper and print! 35,000BC: The earliest examples of human […]

It’s one of the most recognisable pieces of graphic design in the world, yet the man who created this iconic symbol played down his role in creating the symbol for decades. Gary Anderson was a twenty-three-year-old architecture graduate when he entered a competition run by the Container Corporation of America to design a graphical symbol […]

International Print Day, celebrated on October 17th each year, has its roots in the work of German innovator Johann Gutenberg – producer of the most famous Bible in the world and widely recognised as the inventor of the modern moveable metal typeset printing process. In fact, religious texts have played an important role throughout the […]

  • Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal
  • Shakespeare and Company Entrance

These beautiful libraries and bookshops are some of the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy a book. They are certainly wonderful places to celebrate the printed word this International Print Day, on October 17th. Livraria Lello, Bookshop in Porto, Portugal Livraria Lello’s thousands of books, winding staircase and quaint coffee shop draw the […]

Game of Thrones may be taking a leave of absence from our TV screens, but this hasn’t diminished the enthusiasm of its fans in any way – as this incredible homage makes clear. Philippine artist Robbin Gregorio is a designer and paper-cutter.  His beautiful representations of favourite Games of Thrones characters elevate paper cutting to […]

higt-tech paper

Imagine if the most secure element of your passport is the structure of the paper it is printed on.  New research from a team at the University of Newcastle suggests this could be the case! While governments around the world invest heavily in bio-metric technologies and highly advanced digital printing techniques, a security expert at […]

Research shows that access to books makes a huge difference to a child’s life chances.  Books for Africa is a charity that is working to give that important access to children across Africa. Books for Africa was established in 1988 by Minnesotan Tom Warth following his travels to Africa.  After returning home, he shipped several […]