Spot On You

If fiction isn’t your bag, this collection of biographies and autobiographies could inspire your beach reading.  Explore the lives of the great and the good – from great historical figures to modern cultural icons.   My Own Story by Emeline Pankhurst As the UK celebrates the 100th anniversary of votes for women, it’s a great […]

Elon Musk’s success story shows how books can positively influence our lives. “I was raised by books.  Books, and then my parents,” the SpaceX and Tesla tycoon told Rolling Stone magazine in November 2017. He rarely saw his parents, Maye, a dietitian and model, and Errol, an engineer in Pretoria, while growing up for the […]

The affable Italian businessman that heads up the famous art book publisher has a passion for print which manifests itself in a few surprising ways. Affable and well-travelled Italian Marco Ausenda is President and CEO of one of the world’s best art book publishers, The Rizzoli Publishing House. You may not have heard of Rizzoli […]

Designer, photographer, passionate about art and the beautiful things in life and the world, Nuno F. Barbosa is a Portuguese designer by passion and vocation. In his relaxed style, Nuno speaks to The Printing Report about his experiences in the creative industry where paper is a fundamental and irreplaceable part of his work. The Printing […]

For quite a lot of European printing companies specializing in offset, the emphasis of the recent past has been more in keeping the existing capacity busy rather than adding new capacity but as always, there are exceptions and the Dutch company Veldhuis Media is one good example of this. Specializing in sheetfed offset commercial work […]

The UK printing sector is recognized as one of the most technically advanced and forward looking not only in Europe but worldwide too and there is probably no one better to talk about its present and future than Gareth Ward, the editor of Print Business. Here are his views on the most important trends affecting […]